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IIW 2014

The 67th IIW Annual Assembly & International Conference

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Welcome Message from LOC

Come to this land of morning calm....and get a true taste of Korea.

The Lamp of the East (Korea)

In the golden age of Asia
Korea was one of its lamp - bearers
And that lamp is waiting to be lighted once again
For the illumination in the East

By Rabindranath Tagore, The Great Indian Poet

Indeed, the Republic of Korea has for long shone a brilliant beacon of light to illuminate the East and the rest of the world. In 2014, it will be the Korean Welding and Joining Society (KWJS)’s turn to shine its light on the global materials joining fraternity as the proud host of the 67th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference in Seoul.

Some 1,000 international delegates are expected for this highly-anticipated event, to take place in the specially-designated “IIW 2014 VILLAGE” - the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel Complex in central Seoul. The extended IIW family will unite in the VILLAGE’s ideal and tranquil setting for a productive week of knowledge exchange about state-of-the-art joining technology, while also enjoying networking and the chance to build new friendships.

But attendees of IIW 2014 will also have the golden opportunity to experience Korea, undoubtedly one of the world’s most intriguing and captivating countries.

In Korea, you will discover that there is truly something for everyone and to satisfy all interests – an intricate and fascinating history, a rich and vibrant cultural heritage, as well as impressively-modern technology, infrastructure and amenities. Part of Korea’s distinctive appeal also lies in its breathtaking natural beauty, the dynamic national lifestyle which successfully blends the old and the new, the warm hospitality of the Korean people and of course, the unique and distinctive flavours of traditional Korean cuisine.

So it is with great pleasure that I cordially invite you to take part in IIW 2014 and to discover first-hand the many faces of Korea. Don’t miss this chance to explore “our land of morning calm” and to get a true taste of Korea.

I truly look forward to welcoming you all for an unforgettable experience in Seoul in July!

Changhee Lee, Professor/Ph.D.
President of Korean Welding & Joining Society
Hee Seok Chang, Professor/Ph.D.
Chair of Organizing Committee for IIW 2014 Annual Assembly

Welcome Message from IIW

IIW CEO impressions after the final site visit inspection

Though the temperature was typical of a late winter in Seoul which can be pretty chilly, there was a very warm atmosphere within the organizers’ team including the Korean Welding and Joining Society, Coex and the staff of the Sheraton Walkerhill complex. We will be greeted in a venue which has the appropriate size for the IIW: the conference centre will be dedicated to us and most of the 3 hotels’ rooms have been reserved exclusively for IIW attendees up to the closing of the early bird rate. In this busy but beautiful city where the watchword is “Palli, palli !” (Quick, quik), the Mountain Acha is a haven of peace were you will find the best place to work, network and socialize in the numerous indoors and outdoors facilities. Looking forwarding to seeing you all in Seoul.

Dr. Cécile MAYER

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